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Using Propane

How much do you know about the wide range of propane uses?

Many people in Arizona—and across the country—choose propane because it is environmentally friendly and an efficient source of energy. And if you ask: Is propane safe? The answer is a resounding “yes”!

This clean-burning, versatile American-made energy source can be used to power appliances inside and outside your home—safely and efficiently. And there’s plenty of propane gas to go around!

Beyond the home, many businesses embrace the benefits of commercial propane. For example, certain businesses use propane autogas to fuel their vehicles instead of more expensive diesel or gasoline. Propane is the third most popular motor fuel.

Propane for your home

Endless hot water, reliable cooking temperatures and a relaxing, comfortable home are just some of the benefits of using propane in your home. Read more.

Propane for your business

Propane-fueled equipment powers commercial space more efficiently than just about any other method, making it a low-cost choice for your business. Plus, propane burns cleaner, producing fewer emissions than other more costly fuel options. Read more.

Contact your propane company to learn more about expanding your use of propane.