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Building An All-Propane Home

Date: January 8, 2021

propane appliances arizonaBy fully embracing propane, home builders can provide their clients with greater comfort and efficiency. If you’re a construction professional looking for a way to stand out from the competition and grow your business in Arizona, remember: propane can do that.

Propane Home Benefits

  • Builder friendly. You can put propane to work anywhere, independent of the grid. Propane appliances also give you flexibility when creating your design plans.
  • Meeting demand. Homeowners prefer the performance of gas appliances. All-gas homes are typically valued up to five percent higher than all-electric homes. Read why propane is the cleaner, more efficient choice in Arizona.
  • Building green. Installing high-efficiency appliances significantly reduces a home’s total energy consumption, helping builders meet IECC, Zero Net Energy, and other above-code standards.

By choosing to build an all-propane home, builders can help their clients enjoy greater comfort while saving money on energy costs. The all-propane home has grown so popular that there is a model known as the Propane Energy Pod, which merges five applications of propane into an integrated whole-house energy package:

1. Heating Your Home With Propane

A high-efficiency propane furnace offers all the warmth you need, even during the coldest days and nights. Propane furnaces last up to 50% longer than electric units. Additionally, high-efficiency direct-vent propane space heaters can provide zone heating to the most used rooms in your living space—and you won’t have to rely as much on your primary furnace.

2. Water Heating With Propane

Propane water heaters offer a hot water recovery rate that’s about twice as fast as electric models, which means there’s little chance of running out of hot water! Propane water heaters also take up less space, have more accurate temperature adjustment and offer more size and installation options. Read more about propane water heaters.

3. Cooking With Propane

With superior heat distribution and better temperature control than electric stoves, propane gas ovens, stoves and ranges are preferred by the vast majority of professional chefs. When you adjust the heat levels on a propane stove, the result is instant. On an electric stove, it takes longer for the temperature to heat up or cool down. Propane stoves can also be used even if you lose power.

4. Clothes Drying With Propane

Quickly reaching the required temperature to dry clothes evenly, propane dryers operate for about half the cost of electric dryers. Clothes see less wear and tear as a result of the moist heat of propane dryers, and your propane dryer’s moisture-sensing controls will automatically shut it off at the right time.

5. Extra Warmth And Ambiance With A Propane Fireplace

Offering a higher efficiency level than other sources of energy, propane gas fireplaces are great for inside or out. You’ll get double the heat as wood fireplaces but spend about one-third the money. You’ll also enjoy about six times the heating capacity of an electric fireplace. Like propane stoves and cooktops, propane fireplaces will continue to operate during power outages.

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