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Enjoy Arizona’s Great Outdoors with Propane

Date: May 20, 2019

Backyard patio

Propane makes a positive difference in your Arizona home. It keeps you warm It lets you cook with the ease and precise control of a gas stove. It heats your water. It dries your clothes with great efficiency.

But there’s more to Arizona living than inside the home. Propane can make outdoor living easier and more enjoyable all year round.

Come together with propane

Make your back yard a gathering space for family and friends!

Whether you’re toasting marshmallows for s’mores with the kids, or relaxing with friends while sharing a glass of wine, a propane-powered fire pit can be the center of your get-togethers. A propane fire pit gives you real fire and real heat—with just the flip of a switch. You don’t have to get firewood, or wait for a wood fire to ignite and the smoke to dissipate, before enjoying your fire pit. And when you’re ready to go indoors, just turn it off and head inside without any worries.

Propane also heats your pool to make pool parties possible any time of year in Arizona. And whenever you want a relaxing soak in the spa tub after a long day, propane keeps it hot and ready for you.

Propane lights up your night

Gas was the common source for lighting both indoors and out before electricity became accepted and widely available. Propane lets you bring back that warm glow in your outdoor spaces with propane-powered lighting. In addition to good looks, propane lighting is cheaper than electricity and works when the power is out.

Cookouts get easier with propane

There are many reasons why propane grills are the most common grills owned in the United States.

Grilling doesn’t get any easier or quicker than with propane. You can have your grill heated up and ready for your food long before you’ve done all the work of building and igniting a charcoal grill, then waiting for it to be ready for grilling.

With propane, you also get more precise control for better grilling results.

When the cookout over, things stay quick and easy. Simply turn off the grill, shut off the propane and clean the grate. There’s no waiting for coal embers to cool, or dealing with the mess of ashes and soot.

Take your outdoor cooking beyond the grill with a propane-fueled outdoor fryer. Deep-fried turkey for Thanksgiving, anyone?

Take propane on vacation

Make your RV road trips and camping excursions more comfortable with propane.

It can get chilly at night in Arizona. Propane heaters can keep your family warm during campouts. And don’t forget to bring along your propane fryer, which is for so much more than turkey. You can boil up some corn on the cob, or deep-fry the trout you caught that day.

Propane belongs on your RV trips as well. It can heat or cool your RV at the campsite, heat water for bathing, and run your refrigerator, stove and oven.

With propane tank exchange sites nearby, it’s easy to fuel your vacation fun with propane: a versatile, affordable and clean-burning energy source.

Contact your local Arizona propane provider to find out more about how propane can make your outdoor living even better!