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Cooking, Heating, Staying Warm—and Much More—with Propane

Date: February 4, 2019

Blue propane flame

Propane is the single fuel solution for Arizonians! That’s because propane is a remarkably versatile fuel that can be used to heat a home and power everything from water heaters, generators and stoves/cooktops to fireplaces, clothes dryers, outdoor grills, space heaters and more.

Taking advantage of this versatility and expanding your use of propane can also keep more money in your pocket—and that’s worth celebrating. Propane appliances typically reduce energy costs, delivering better value and comfort than other heating sources. Let’s take a closer look at the many different ways you can use propane at your Arizona home.

Keeping your house warm with propane

During cold nights, nothing generates heat better than a propane furnace. While people who rely on electric heat probably can’t get warm enough, many others enjoy the toasty comfort provided by a high-powered propane furnace.

This is because propane furnaces produce much higher indoor air temperatures. Highly efficient propane furnaces produce enough thermal energy to heat your home without the need for any backup system.

Warming up to a propane fireplace

One of the great benefits of a propane gas fireplace is that it will provide you with a real flame experience—unlike the obviously “fake flame” of electric fireplaces.

Propane gas fireplaces are maintenance-free (unlike wood fireplaces), and come in a variety of styles. They also pose a much lower risk of a house fire than fireplaces that burn wood. Convert from a wood fireplace to a propane fireplace and you’ll help the environment too because propane burns much cleaner than wood. Studies have shown a wood-burning fireplace can produce 4,000% more emissions than a propane unit!

And keep in mind the minimal maintenance aspect of a propane fireplace. With a fireplace that runs on propane gas, you’ll never have to get up and put another log on the fire or get stuck with task of discarding ashes.

Propane gas fireplaces can be installed indoors or outside your home and they are more efficient than other energy sources. They produce twice as much heat as wood fireplaces at about one-third of the cost, with no soot, ash or smoke. Propane fireplaces also deliver as much as six times the heating capacity of an electric fireplace.

If you have an old wood fireplace, it’s easy to convert it to a clean-burning and safe fireplace gas insert.

Cooking with a propane stove/cooktop

If you have ever used an electric stove, you’re familiar with all of its frustrating limitations. That’s one reason why many people choose propane gas stoves/cooktops, which provide a more precise cooking control.

Compared to propane, electric stoves take longer to respond to temperature changes, particularly when you’re adjusting the temperature down or turning the heat off. An added benefit is that a gas stove will continue to work during a power outage.

Plenty of hot water with propane

Propane fuels some of the most efficient water heating technologies available today. That’s true whether it’s a traditional propane storage tank water heater or a propane tankless on-demand water heater. Propane water heaters can cost up to 30% less to operate than electric heating units, with a hot water recovery rate that’s about twice as fast as electric models. Propane water heaters take up less space, have more accurate temperature adjustment and offer more size and installation options. Read more about propane water heaters.

Drying your clothes with propane

Whether you face a weekly mountain of laundry or you just want an easy way to handle light loads, you can find a propane gas dryer with the capacity that’s right for you.

Propane dryers get your clothes dry for about half the cost of electric dryers. That’s because propane dryers quickly reach the temperatures needed to dry clothes evenly. And while
the heat produced by electric dryers can burn or discolor fabrics; the moist heat of propane dryers causes less wear and tear on your favorite clothes. Moisture-sensing controls will shut off your propane dryer when the selected level of dryness is reached.

Taking propane outside

Propane is also an energy-efficient and safe fuel when used in your backyard. Take a look at all of these options:

  • Grilling with propane. Nothing beats the clean burning precision of a propane gas grill. Whether you cook on a simple portable or a high-tech built-in model, you’ll get the same even-cooking performance time after time, with no starter fluid smell, dangerous chemicals, or mess.
  • Propane fire bowls. A large fire bowl can be used as a centerpiece for your yard, or you can set up a series of small ones at the entry of your home to wow your guests. Many models have ignition systems that can be turned on and off with a smartphone or tablet. And unlike wood fire pits, there’s no mess to clean up.
  • Light the way with propane. Imagine an outdoor space lit by flickering torch light – minus the wires, electric buzzing, and chemical smells. Propane powered outdoor lights can burn for just pennies per hour, and they can be match almost any outdoor décor.
  • Outdoor heaters. Propane patio heaters can keep your outdoor space warm when the night air turns cold. With freestanding or wall-mounted models available, you’re sure to find a patio heater that meets your needs and budget – and one that will work even if the power goes out.
  • Outdoor water heating. You may have skipped a morning or evening swim because it wasn’t quite hot enough and you didn’t want to spend extra money running your electric pool heater. Put that all behind you by investing in a propane pool heater, which will heat your pool water quickly and efficiently – and far more effectively than an electric model.

Finally, a whole-house propane generator is a smart investment. During a power outage, a generator puts you back in control and allows you to enjoy your heating and cooling, lighting, refrigeration and other essentials, including sump pumps, security systems and medical equipment. And don’t forget about having the power to charge all the phones in the family!

To learn more about all the ways you can enjoy propane, please contact your propane company, and they’ll be glad to help.